Children's safety on the Internet - development of the school curriculum

Children's safety on the Internet - development of the school curriculum

Abstract - Generations that are currently receiving their education and those yet to come should get prepared for everyday interaction with information and communication technology. European Parliament and the Council of the European Union included digital competence in key competencies which each person needs to possess in order to adapt to the rapidly changing world. Their definition of digital competence, along with knowledge and skills, include critical attitude toward the responsible use of ICT. At the moment, Croatia does not have a national strategy for the internet safety and not even the minimum of children's knowledge about appropriate and safe use of internet is obligatory in school curriculum.

OŠ Veliki Bukovec together with partners OŠ Popovača, OŠ "Mladost", OŠ "Gripe" and OŠ "Mato Lovrak", is running a 16-month European Union-funded project " Children's safety on the Internet " developing new school curriculum area for children's safety on the Internet for students aged 7 -14, their parents, teachers and local community. Curriculum will consist of pedagogical-didactical model, acceptable use policies, multimedia resources, textbooks and guides. The project aims to improve students’ digital competences and encourage children to assume responsibility  for  their  own  safety    with    a    focus    on    empowerment, emphasizing  responsible  behavior  and  digital citizenship and to raise student teacher, parents and general public awareness and understanding of issues relating to children’s safety online in synergy with the EU policies.


Project was presented on International ICT Convention MIPRO, May 2014 http://www.mipro.hr/Home/tabid/36/language/en-US/Default.aspx

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